Starting as simple idea to a form of multiplayer Go way back in 2015, Mitropia came into being officially in 2020 to run the Kickstarter for that same game!

The Mythical Game of Surrounding

Mitropia is a strategic area-control game rooted in the mechanics of the ancient game Go, with surprise elements that make it fun for every player! Use tribal powers, pattern movement cards, special actions, and more to capture the most territory and prisoners on the fields of the Gods. 

The underlying game mechanics are simple to learn, but create intricate strategic and tactical challenges every time you play. The card drawing and random board generation elements of the game create a more even playing field between advanced players and casual players. These elements can also be dialed down or removed for pure strategic contests. With Mitropia, you get the best of both worlds combined: meaningful strategic gameplay but fun surprises.  

Where to find Mitropia

Game Manual

The current game manual are pre-production print format and can be found here:

More on Mitropia

Press Information

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Huge amounts of thanks for the many people who have helped us on the game design journey. It’s been a blast from the earliest prototypes, through Spiel Essen and to Kickstarter Launch. Thank you!

More thanks to come here, but also now a couple of specifics:

  • Acknowledgment for the great Color Festival photo taken by Photo by Alex Braga on Unsplash (take at Festival of Colors Pratagy, Praia de Pratagy – Maceió, Brazil) which we use in our logo.
  • Jacob Jaskov who gave us pivotal advice at Spiel Essen and at many other times to think more deeply about certain mechanics!
  • Hexy Studio who have been an awesome partner in creating our promotional video, graphics and providing great marketing support!

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